RunningAHEAD API Reference

Quick Start

Before you can access the RunningAHEAD API, your application must first request permission from the user to access his or her data. RunningAHEAD uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication. Please refer to the Authentication page of the documentation for instructions on how to do that.

After the user has granted access to the data, you can then use the RunningAHEAD API.

Response Format

The RunningAHEAD API returns data in JSON format. All responses have the following structure:

    "code": {status_code},
    "data": {json_value}
Parameter Values Description
code integer The response code of the request. A non-zero value indicates error.
data JSON string

If the response contains data, it will be returned in the data field. The contents of the field is request specific.

If the request results in an error, the data field will be omitted.

In the API documentation, only the data part of the response will be documented.


The API supports GZIP compression. By compressing the requests and responses, you will reduce transmission time as well as bandwidth usage. To request the response be compressed, include the HTTP header Accept-Encoding: gzip. To inform the API that your POST is compressed, include the HTTP header Content-Encoding: gzip.